The structure of social communication in present-day Catalonia, in the European context by Núria Almiron

The communicative space within any liberal democracy, including Catalonia, is at the very least three-dimensional, to the extent that we can simultaneously identify an economic, a socio-cultural and a political dimension. The economic dimension is obvious, since communication +

Infrastructure policy in Spain: nation building against economic opportunities and social welfare by Germà Bel

Infrastructure policy in Spain has for a long time been a matter of great controversy. The design and implementation of this policy as a tool for nation building, frequently damaging economic opportunities and social welfare, has been documented in many studies. +

Women’s rights and the access to power: the importance of the 2010-2020 Decade for African Women by Patricia Rodriguez

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to participate in the government of their country, directly or through freely chosen representatives, and has the right of equal access to public services. Nonetheless, women, some 50% of the population +

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FC Barcelona - The Rohingya in the Gulf of Bengal

To Our Readers

Germany (and Europe) and the Catalan challenge by Víctor Terradellas


Dynamic infrastructures for twenty-first century Europe by Ricard Font
The structure of social communication in present-day Catalonia by Núria Almiron

Business, Law & Economics

Infrastructure policy in Spain by Germà Bel


In Syria, ‘democracy’ and ‘peace’ are written in Kurdish by Francesc de Dalmases

The Americas

The 7th Summit of the Américas by Ariadna Canela


Women’s rights and the access to power by Patricia Rodriguez


Sergi López by Francesc de Dalmases


The Armenian Genocide by Antoni Lluís Trobat
Towards a new paradigm for the welfare state by Josep Lluís Cleries
External action as a strategy for developing cities and territorie by Joan Carles Garcia
Connecting Catalonia to the world by Pere Torres

Green Debate

Urban solutions in the fight against climate change by Lidia Calvo

Barcelona Echoes

Barcelona in Milan

A Short Story from History

The Imperial Admiral and the founder of Odessa by Manuel Manonelles

Universal Catalans

The award-winning Roca brothers

A Poem

[from Four Poems] by Francesc Garriga

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Manolo Ballesteros