Obama’s revolution
by Víctor Terradellas

We may feel as if we have missed the opportunity to discuss something as important as the nuclear deal the six world powers (the US, Germany, the UK, France, Russia and China) have signed with Iran. +

Improving the quality of liberal democracies in plurinational contexts
by Ferran Requejo

Liberal democracies are always incomplete systems when we compare their values and legitimizing language with their constitutional rights, institutions and practical decision-making processes. +

Identities and the Glocal World
by Àngel Castiñeira

It appears nowadays as if modernity, the familiar commitment to individual freedom and equality, has created a barrier to the acceptance of new demands from cultural, ethnic and national +

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9th November 2014 / Typhoon Haiyan

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Obama’s revolution by Víctor Terradellas


Grillo:6 ECHR upholds its 2012 ruling against Spain: farewell to the ‘Parot Doctrine’ by August Gil-Matamala
16 Independence: does the EU really have nothing useful to say? by Laura Pous
The bloody Mare Nostrum: a European shame by Alba Sidera Gallart

Dossier: Visions of the European state for the 21st century

Improving the quality of liberal democracies in plurinational contexts by Ferran Requejo
How to address the language question in a new European state: the Catalan case by Bernat Joan
Identities and the glocal world by Àngel Castiñeira

The Americas

Post-Chavezism in Maduro’s Venezuela by Andrea Daza


Isona Passola by Eva Piquer

Business, Law and Economics

Distinguishing characteristics of centennial companies by Oriol Amat

Science and Technology

Immunotherapy and the new possibilities of targeted therapies by Mònica Botta and Oriol Solà-Morales

Green Debate

Climate change: global trends and future scenarios for Catalonia by Arnau Queralt

A Short Story from History

The Dalmases Embassy and the Case of the Catalans (II)

Universal Catalans

Salvador Dalí

Barcelona Echoes

Barcelona, an exemplary Euro-Mediterranean urban model by Antonio Romero

Sport beyond Sport

Sport, culture and serotonin by Jordi Fexas


The voice of Catalan local government around the world by Joan Carles Garcia

The Artist

Xavier Grau

A Poem

Attempted Canticle in the Temple by Salvador Espriu